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Alukkas Media is non-significantly one more name in the league of Design and Development players in the UK, but significantly… your search freezes here. 
Team Alukkas Media

We Are What We Do - Team Alukkas Media

We are a collection of young, unique and forward-thinking individuals driven by the most progressive advancements in technology and inspired by creative innovations that capture our fancy. Our work style also allows us to keep our prices reasonable. While competitive with rates we never compromise on the quality of work. Which means high-quality digital media services for you at affordable prices.

Our team is a well-established media professional based in the UK and Bangalore have links to every component and aspect of the Digital and New Media industry. Alukkas Media is a space that specialises in creating websites, digital content and interactive media for online and offline presentations.


It’s Not How Big You Are, It’s How Big You Think!

Digital media is deemed a pretty costly endeavour with dubious results that only works for large-scale companies. Meaning, if you are in for a small or medium-size business, getting an online/offline is a real pain. We’re here to prove this wrong. In today’s market, searching for experienced partners, practice groups or resources pools can be an enormous task, requiring extensive due diligence and experience. Many potentially beneficial candidates are never identified simply because personnel do not have the time to devote to the search process. Our mission is to successfully bring to your firm the growth levels you need, allowing you to focus on satisfying your clients and managing your business.


Commitment With A Purpose, Your Success.

More than just a design-development assignment – we build long-lasting design development partnership to help our clients grow their business. We take care of your branding job, so you can focus on what you do best – your business. One thing we know for sure is that we’re looking to be your go-to resource in the digital space!


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Our mascot Prof.Joe is here to support our customers and unveil the secrets of creative genius and brings life-changing creative techniques within everyone’s reach.

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Please feel free to go through the website to find out a little bit more about us.

Milestones at a Glance


AOL - Interview

One of our best team interviewed by AOL and published his biography to honour his achievements.

Webby Awards

Our team member, selected as Associate Jury member for annual Webby Awards.


One of our team member, of prestigious International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

UK Web Design Association

Member of UK Web Design Association, the largest community of web professionals in Europe.

Interaction Design Association

Member of IxDA to improve the human condition by advancing the discipline of Interaction Design.
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What they say about us;

Just wanted to thank you and also congratulate for the great work. We are getting very good response for the same.
Dr. Harish- Ass.Prof, Oxford College of Engineering
What really sets apart Alukkas Media Team is their personal touch. The enthusiasm with which the possibilities are shown…
Thanuja Agarwal- Manager, TGI
Alukkas Media was able to transcribe the screen and so strategic requirements of this project.
Dhanush S.- Director, Kayal Group
I am more than happy with the results of my design / development project. Thank you so much! I wish you the very best.
Claire Koll- Manager, Metro Stores
Seldom do we come across professionals who take their work as personally and with as much passion. 
Dr. Ummer- Al-Shifas Group